Sunday, June 12, 2011

PushDown Optimization

Informatica 8+ version enabled Push down technique of execution of ETL. when we are using Push Down feature, Every transformation logic will be executed directly on RDBMS used for source/target. Informatica server will not store any intermediate data storage for session execution. Starting up with a very basic Pushdown mapping,

Source and target tables must be using same database connection on workflow manager level.
Workflow manager level changes,
goto -> session ->properties tab -> pushdown = full/source/target
Source/target/lookup all transformation must use same relational connection
Enable checkbox for temporary Views and Sequence if required
Set Datetime formate compatible to RDBMS used. It should be synch on mapping and session level
At the time of execution, Informatica engine creates views/nested views to buffer data from source. Using compatible SQL functions, Mapping transformation function (e.g. TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, SUBSTR etc) will be applied refering reference views.
To check if current settings enable the session for pushdown correctly or Not, Goto->mapping tab->click pushdown link in left treeview pan
It will show internal execution of pushdown and view creation with load plan
Errors will displayed in red color message
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Informatica Tutorials said...

Thanks for the good article on pushdown optimization in informatica

Leela said...


Good Explanation.But I have a quick question.

In which situations we are going to use the pushdown optimization in informatica